We are all affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an unprecedented health challenge and The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting communities everywhere but In this hard, trying time, you can protect your loved ones and extend lives by simply purchasing and donating MASKS.

We believe that as COVID-19 spreads around the world to a devastating effect, so has grace and kindness.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Online donations made via this website are tax deductible in the U.S. to the extent allowable by law.

Q: How many masks can I purchase?

A: As many as your family members.

Q: How many masks can I donate?

A: As many as you want. Kindness knows no tax boundaries.

Q: When will I receive the masks I purchased?

A: You will receive the masks within 8-10 days upon receiving your purchase receipt via email.

Q: When will my beneficiaries receive their mask donations?

A: They will receive it within 7 days upon receiving your purchase receipt via email.

Q: What courier do you utilize for your shipments?

A: We only use US mail.

Q: How can I track my purchase?

A: An official tracking/reference number from US Mail will be provided to you. You can also send us an inquiry at